Stories from His Heart to Ours: A Study Guide for the Parables of Jesus Gay A Ward Foster Author
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Stories from His Heart to Ours, Volume 1 The words and teachings of Jesus are timeless treasures. The rich, deep truths that are embedded in the stories He used are ours to learn and apply today. So, you are invited to explore and study these stories from His heart. In this study: * 12 weeks of Bible study covering the parables of Jesus * engaging illustrations to help you focus on the lesson * encouragement to apply the truths to your life These are indeed special stories from Jesus' heart to ours. We will never be the same for having taken the time to understand, appreciate and apply them. A small amount of yeast, given some time, will work its way through dough made from a large amount of flour. A small group of twelve disciples would similarly grow as the gospel spread across the world. The internal change that would take place in each follower of Christ would grow to influence nations. -Volume 1 This guide is suitable for individual or group study. Each lesson is carefully crafted to help you learn the lessons Jesus taught through parables.


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