Ensnared: The Toxicity of Anger, Delayed Forgiveness, and Prolonged Grudges Diana Carole Awuor Author
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Diana Carole Awuor's father died on October 15, 2016, but she didn't mourn his passing. His mistreatment of her in previous years left her bitter and resentful. Yet, a year later and half a world away, Diana chose to be baptized on the anniversary of his death-a date she chose in his honor. What happened during the year in between? Diana had more than enough reason to hate her father, and for years she thought that hatred was justified. She knew about God's instruction to honor her parents, but what honor did she owe the man who caused her so much pain? Even after her father's death, Diana did not believe she had cause to regret her anger, her lack of forgiveness, and a lifetime's worth of grudges. Yet even so, pervasive guilt rankled her conscience. She needed to forgive her father's actions and seek clemency for her own sins. An inspirational memoir, Ensnared is the touching, candid story of one woman's journey from self-destructive anger and hate to forgiveness and renewal. Discover the causes of Diana's pain and how she found salvation in the word of God as you learn about the destructive nature of anger and hate.


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