No Time To Cry: A glimpse at the life of an every day woman Sarah Munkacsy Author
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Aunt Artie's life was marked by loss with the death of her father at age 15. As the years passed so did more of her loved ones, one by one. Her eldest son Kenny, her mother, her husband Dutch and then her youngest son Scott. The final loss was of independence and mobility after suffering a stroke which marked her remaining years. In between those low points there was a roller coaster ride of fun, conflict, joy and a revolving front door on her house as she was role model, guidance counselor, confidant to 4 sister's children and half the small town of Lyons. In spite of the ups and downs, gut wrenching sorrow and trials, her house was full of love, compassion, empathy, nurturing and music. My Aunt was an amazing woman who touched the lives of most if not all the people who came in contact with her. To this day, my cousins trade stories that never grow old of the times and activities at Aunt Artie's house. A truly amazing woman who imparted the best of humanity in all of us.


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