all good flowers go to heaven: Flowers Story Chuck Thien Wynn Author
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Every flower, however, has its share of elegance, charm, and even personality. In this book there are many kinds of flowers, each with its history and language. For instance, the Amaranth flower is a symbol of immortal love, Baby's Breath is a symbol of innocence. The geranium represents gentility, and there are so many more! Not only that, there is a different meaning attributed to the different colors of each flower: as a red rose is a symbol of passionate love; a white rose is for virtue, a yellow rose is for friendship...A red tulip is for undying love, a purple tulip is for eternal love, a white tulip represents one-sided love,....purple lilacs are for first love and white lilacs are for youthful innocence. The more I do research into flowers, the more I fall in love with them. They are all beautiful, charming, and meaningful! They all want to go to Heaven and live in eternity like Lotus flower.


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