Blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrency (An Easy to understand guide on Bitcoin, ethereum and Crytocurrency Investing including How/when to buy a
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Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don't have to be physically in the same place and, of course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient - Bill Gates When people say words such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Blockchain, do you feel a little silly for not knowing anything about them? Do you feel like you've missed the cryptocurrency boat ? Do you wish that somebody could just explain it in a simple language and not make you feel ignorant ? Or are you simply curious and want to dabble in crypto-currencies ? Whatever your motives may be, this mega bundle, which contains three very well researched books, will solve all your doubts. Here's an outline of the books in the 3-in-1 Mega Bundle.. Blockchain: A 60 minute guide to Blockchain Technology (A beginner's guide). This book will guide through the complexity of the subject in question and allow you to interpret and understand complex ideas in a simple yet effective manner. Ethereum: How to make 36 times your money in 1 year. Ethereum is the hot thing right now and with the little dip in prices, it can be HUGE investment opportunity. This book will teach you 'When/How to buy, When/How to Sell', which is all you really need to know to make real money. Bitcoin: How to make 1400X your money in 5 years. There is no question that when we think of cryptocurrencies, we think Bitcoin. Bitcoin has become a household name and thousands of people have made REAL money from trading and investing in it. It would be unfair if this bundle did not contain information on the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world at $48.9 Billion. This book bundle will teach you: What is Blockchain technology (in easy to understand language)When/How to buy Ethereum & When/How to Sell Ethereum Using ethereum for personal or business useBitcoin Trading & InvestingWhen and how to BUY/SELL Bitcoin.Mistakes to avoidUtilizing Smart contractsCreating an account on the exchangeHow to mine Ethereum Risks involved with BitcoinAnti inflationary characteristics of crytocurrences.and the list goes on.. Invest in yourself before you invest in anything else. ORDER PAPERBACK NOW & GET KINDLE COPY FOR $0.99 ONLY !


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