Kiffin Rockwell: First American Hero of the Great War Marc Eric McClure Author
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During the summer of 1914 the drumbeat of war excited public attention the world round. Among those following events that looked to drag all of Europe into the abyss of war was 21-year-old Kiffin Rockwell. As the diplomatic crisis in Europe unfolded, Kiffin sensed that the opportunity to pursue a life of action had at last arrived. By summer's end he would step out and boldly grasp the chance to pursue a life of purpose. That decision would not only transform his life but would enshrine his place in history and make him America's first renowned hero of the Great War. A color edition of this work is also available. Selections from the foreword:I have, on a number of occasions, pointed out that the 38 pilots of the Lafayette Escadrille created a culture that influenced all combat pilots who came after them, even today. The Air Force values of courage, discipline, and commitment go right back to these young Americans who held and displayed those virtues. Among those men Kiffin Rockwell best exemplified Air Force fact he shaped them. His French captain, Georges Thénault, described Rockwell as a great soldier with a high sense of duty and praised the young pilot for serving simply and valiantly, without boasting and without ambition.Rockwell was quiet and kept to himself but in the air he was a fearless, skilled, and ferocious combat pilot. Fortunately, the taciturn Rockwell expressed himself eloquently and openly in letters to family and friends. Those letters have been a source of inspiration since 1925, when his brother, Paul, first published them. Those letters serve as the foundation for Marc McClure's book Kiffin Rockwell: First American Hero of the Great War as well as the author's new documentary film Valor. These two works offer an intimate understanding of the young American soldier and pilot, who continues to be an example of excellence and a source of inspiration.T. Michael Moseley General (Ret.) United States Air Force 18th Chief of Staff


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