The Gospel of Herod: Edition II Nijo Maro Author
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The Gospel of Herod In 2006, Nijo Maro stumbled upon a 2000-year-old coded message from the temple in Jerusalem. When decoded, the message said that Jesus was the secret son of Herod the Great. A King who turned out to be the key to uncovering the truth about the origin of Christianity and the Freemasons. Explore the truth By using ancient history from outside the Bible to solve a coded secret within the Bible, Nijo Maro found the key to reconstructing the lost religion from Herod the Great and the Herodian High Priests, and proved who might have been the real father of Jesus. The same father that Jesus obeyed his entire life. This book is a dream come true for all readers looking to find historical and logical evidences for the origin of Jesus and the Christian religion. For more info, see or see the YouTube video named The Gospel of Herod:


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