Dark Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: How To Stealthily Use CBT Methods To Influence And Manipulate Anyone's Mind Michael Pace Author
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You may have heard of cognitive behavioral therapy, the super powerful way of changing someone's thinking and behavior with talk therapy and journaling. But did you know that you can use this therapy technique to get ahead in life and gain control over others? Did you know that you can change people into who you want them to be by challenging their thinking and teaching them new ways to behave? Did you know that you can influence people's moods and fix your relationships by secretly playing therapist? Well, you can do all of this and more with Dark Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the hot new way of getting into someone's mind and getting what you want with psychology. Life is difficult. You don't need people making it more so. Dark CBT enables you to always be successful. It teaches you how to train yourself to become the best version of yourself. It also teaches you how to make other people comply with your wishes without a fight. The best part is? You are able to be totally stealth about what you are doing as you manipulate and finagle people into giving you what you want. Dark CBT is built upon basic CBT principles. But it takes regular CBT a few steps further in the realm of personal success and victory. Nothing can stop you when you use Dark CBT to your advantage. This book is your guide to achieving whatever you want in life while healing yourself and those around you with CBT.


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