Faithfully HIS: Being Loyal to God in Your Wait for Marriage Elizabeth Courtland Author
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Faithfully HIS takes its readers on a journey with Elizabeth Courtland as she waits in God for marriage. In this wait in God, Elizabeth encounters tests and temptations such as whether to save a relationship that she knows should be severed, what to do when someone says they're your spouse, and how to say no to dating and yes to waiting. She also gives insight into how she obtained the victory in many of her situations in life, despite the distractions that have come her way. All of this aided in perfecting her loyalty to God; bringing her to a place she calls Faithfully HIS. This book is great for men and women of God, waiting in God for marriage, as it gives insight into one woman of God's journey, in order to shed light into the lives of others. All of this is done in an effort to not only get readers to their promise but also to mature their faith, love and hope in God. Because before we can be faithful with the promise, we have to learn to be faithful to the promise Giver. It is He Who is our ultimate prize and reward.*2nd Edition


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