Number Puzzles for Vibrant Brain: 133 Large Print Number Search Puzzles Kalman Toth Author
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Make your mind young, agile, vibrant & powerful! Live life to the fullest! Have fun! Daily puzzle solving will help you to enjoy yourself when relaxing, tired, waiting or traveling. Puzzle solving will also help you to be successful in life, love, work, business, profession, finance and prevent Alzheimer's. This book contains 133 16x16 LIGHT NUMBER SEARCH PUZZLES designed to improve your intelligence quotient (IQ). IQ is a measure of the intelligence you already have. The IQ you use on a daily basis - your effective IQ - can be increased. Doing so can help you be more successful in your personal relationships, at work & in business as it increases your ability to solve and overcome problems, invent lateral solutions. Additionally, you will find that as you increase your effective IQ, you can become more successful on your job as you strive to gain professional success. Each number search puzzle has 28 numbers for search. The puzzles are hard in difficulty. The solutions can be found vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, either forward or in reverse order. The number puzzles were derived from the parallel word search book by randomly mapping letters to digits (like on the phone pad - ABC=1, in this case it may be BKY=1): PUZZLES FOR VIBRANT BRAIN ISBN-13: 978-1974475032 ISBN-10: 1974475034. Therefore this book has a second kind of puzzle: find the words corresponding to the numbers. Frequently multiple solutions exist especially with short words. Example for mapping letters to digits: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 00763195989235563186428247


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