The Jewess: A Story About the Spies of the Second World War Sarah Klein Author
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The Special Operations Executive was an ad hoc organization thrown together in 1940 when Winston Churchill took over the leadership of the British war effort. It was an association of amateur spies, who served the empire working undercover on the continent. Their mission as described by Churchill himself was, to develop a reign of terror to make the lives of German occupiers an eternal torment. The agents cut phone lines, disrupted roadways, and used improvised weapons to delay Nazi transportation and communication. It was guerilla warfare at its finest. They were also spies, gathering information for their counterparts back in Britain. They put themselves in great peril and many of them were captured, tortured, and killed for their actions. Each agent was given a cyanide capsule to avoid the horrible fate that awaited them if they were taken prisoner. Working together with the American OSS, and the French BCRA, the SOE was able to shorten the war and save many Allied lives. On D-day, teams made up of agents from these three groups, helped the Allied soldiers establish their beach head and get past the German defense. This book is based on the true stories of their adventures. The characters are fictional, as well as the events, but in these pages we hope to capture the spirit of their real life adventures. I hope that you enjoy the story.


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