Negative Thinking: You Will Succeed When You Stop Programming Yourself To A Failure: (Negative Thinking Workbook) Don Bardsley Author
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Negative Thinking: You Will Succeed When You Stop Programming Yourself To A FailureThe physical vigor and health is always mentioned as a kind of wealth for human body but within this broader umbrella of health, the psychological well being plays an important part. When we talk about psychological well being then the type of thoughts and attitudes, come along as a distinctive and significant element of human life. Thoughts can predict the overall personality and attitude towards life and its different events and circumstances. In this book the title talks about negative thoughts, the effect these thoughts put on our life and the ways in which these thoughts can be handled. However, it doesn't connote a struggle to portray life as full of colors and leaving behind the realities of life. The basic aim is to deal with negative thoughts in a logical and rational manner so that these thoughts cannot provide undue harm to the overall quality of life. Various cognitive and psychological models have been discussed so that one can truly determine the particular negative thoughts incorporated in his or her life. The prominent discussions which are outlined in this book will pertain to the following chief issues, which are all aimed at unveiling the underlying foundations of negative thoughts. The introductory discussions for helping the reader understand the diagnosis of negative thoughts. Various categories of negative thoughts have been mentioned so that it becomes easy to identify negative thoughts. An account of labeling technique which resides as the basic foundation for the creation of negative thoughts. A discussion about Cognitive connections of emotions and situations so that their interplay can be understood as a determining factor for a particular type of negative thought The suggestions of different techniques for overcoming negative thoughts and sustaining a positive approach towards life. Download your E book Negative Thinking: You Will Succeed When You Stop Programming Yourself To A Failure Buy Now with 1-Click button!


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