Hydrogen Peroxide: How To Use Peroxide Hydrogen In Your Home Gilberto Jordan Author
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Hydrogen Peroxide How To Use Peroxide Hydrogen In Your HomeYou probably already have a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your home - it is a very common addition to many household's cleaners and chemicals. Most people are familiar with its use as a disinfectant and to bleach your hair, but it has a large number of other, less well known, applications. This books provides hints and tips on some surprising uses, including: A 'natural' French manicure Encouraging plants to grow in your garden Growing oyster mushrooms in your fridge It also discusses some of the things that Hydrogen Peroxide should NOT be used for - although it is often regarded as entirely 'safe' and 'natural', there are still some basic precautions you should be aware of. Hydrogen Peroxide may surprise you with how versatile it can be, and often at a fraction of the cost of branded household products. It also does not leave a harmful chemical residue behind - Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down reasonably quickly when in contact with the air - making it suitable for uses in sensitive environments such as fish tanks and children's play areas.So why not discover the true potential of that overlooked brown bottle sitting under your sink?


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