Taming the Rebel Prince: The Royals of Rogandal Victoria Hart Author
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The tabloids love a bad boy, especially when he's rich, famous, attractive, and unencumbered. Drunken carousing, wasteful destruction, strings of beautiful women? A feast for the public's imagination. And if he's waiting out his father's reign, before taking up the crown himself? Even better.Eric Gunborg is out of control. A long downward spiral and a string of outrageous scandals, all extensively documented by the media, is close to making him a figure of public ridicule - a notion his father, the king of the small country of Rogandal, is anxious to prevent.Astrid Willoughby is a British aristocrat with an unusual talent - and an unusual job. When a wealthy monarch feels it's time for their wild boy to settle down, they call her. In she sweeps with her cool English dignity and her mane of red hair, and before he knows it, the prodigal son is under her thumb.But Eric is not just the careless, spoiled prince he appears to be, and Astrid is not the frosty, unattainable aristocrat she would like Eric to think she is.And so begins a battle of wills and a clash of hearts. Can Astrid bring Eric back into the fold, and convince him to stand against his father and his conniving, selfish sister? Can Eric hang on to his birthright, and the woman he loves?Scroll back up and grab your copy today!


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