Credit Repair for Mortgage Loan Approval: You handle the easy stuff. Let credit repair companies handle the hard stuff. M. Joyce Brown Author
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Credit score is a term that puts many adults who dream of owning a home on edge-especially when they don't know their actual number and what it means. First-time buyers believe they have no control over their score and must pay to have it repaired. With over twenty-five years of experience in the housing industry as a real estate agent, housing counselor, and mortgage loan officer, M. Joyce Brown explains why that's untrue and how you can personally retake control of your credit score.In seven simple steps, Brown will help you understand the complicated process of achieving better credit. How to obtain your credit report, improve your credit score, and dispute inaccurate credit account information are completely broken down in this easy-to-read guide. Tips on budgeting and knowing how to spot inaccuracies within your report are also explained.Want to learn what else mortgage lenders review for loan approval? Brown reveals four very specific factors about your finances that can give you an advantage. There is no quick fix for credit repair, but the solution is within your grasp! Arming you with insider information and newfound confidence, this detailed guide provides the tools for success and a clear path toward homeownership.


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