Some of the Most Encouraging Poems for You: Simple, Easy to Read and Memorize Inspirational Poems Michelle Marie Richardson Author
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We all face some major and some minor challenges that may move us to seek Gods voice in it all. These challenges perhaps make us question our faith or become tempted to stop trying, stop following, or stop turning to or loving the Word of God, Jesus Christ. But once we earnestly seek, we do receive and come out better on the other side just because weve taken that step of faith, even though it may start out to be as small as a mustard seed. Furthermore, being unprepared for an oncoming difficulty can throw us off track and leave us shaken due to grief, discouragement, or temptation in the end. Resources such as the Bible and positive literature are a blessing, and when taken advantage of, they offer treasures and just what we need to get through this life and on to the next as conquerors, strong, bold, and fully equipped in the Lord. Moreover, getting along well with others and being good and faithful servants is something we can do to greatly improve our spiritual lives. So when there is no one else qualified to turn to without making matters worse or when no one else seems to say the right words, it is wise to tap into the various resources that can actually help without causing major setbacks. This book of simple, unsophisticated, easy to read poetry is one of those resources.


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