Outside the Walls : Encountering God in the Unfamiliar by OFM, Kenneth P. Paulli
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Outside the Walls: Encountering God in the Unfamiliar, has simplicity and sagacity, compassion and challenge. In this conversational book, Fr. Paulli shares nine personal stories, which range from a humorous encounter with a nearly one-hundred-year-old woman, to a disturbing encounter with a desperately poor, pregnant Haitian woman. The sharing of these stories, and the reflections upon them, invite the reader to consider their own personal stories and how God can be encountered in and through them, often if they but move outside the walls. Furthermore, each chapter, in a way, stands alone allowing the reader to stay with it for as long as they want. Similarly, chapters can be revisited time and time again. Finally, each story, each chapter leads to a series of incisive questions and a prayer that will surely assist the reader in their spiritual journey for years to come.


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