Reclaiming Your Identity: Embrace Who God Created You to Be Eric Wayman Author
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Who am I, and what am I here for? Our lives depend on how we answer that question. It will affect everything from our career choices to the way we relate to God and others. But where can we turn to find the answer? Our friends? Our job title? Our relationship status? Many of us base our identity off what we do or the number of likes we get on a post. We constantly perform for other peoples approval, and then we wonder why we feel so exhausted and insecure. But whats the alternative? What if we allowed the One who created us to answer the question for us? Eric Wayman, a pastor, professor, and disciple, invites us to pull away the masks we have been hiding behind and allow God to show us who we are and what he made us to do. Its time to get real.


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