Write Above Anxiety Workbook: Write yourself into a better life, Even when you feel like... Micah Dubinko Author
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An epidemic of brain fog, lack of focus, and high anxiety is sweeping the world. Maybe you've been affected. There is a way out. Thirteen intense, science-based lessons will guide you through the author's hard-learned system in an interactive workbook format. Includes a calendar and dotted journal pages for your own writing.Interview with the AuthorQ - Why did you want to write about anxiety?A - I grew up in a midwestern culture of “buck up, son,” where everybody was expected to quietly endure through whatever came your way. Getting diagnosed with an anxiety condition, and for that matter, even realizing that anxiety was something you could be diagnosed with, was a huge eye-opener. I want to help others realize this: You’re not alone in your stress and brain fog. Help is out there.Q - What’s with the ‘pile of poo’ emoji on the cover?A - I’ve seen a bunch of book covers that get in your face with swear words, enough that this seems to be a growing trend. But as I describe in the book, curse words, expressive as they are, trigger a powerful negative reaction in me. One thing I encourage people to do is to get rid of negativity in their life (looking at you here, Facebook). So I could hardly ask people to make that change without doing so myself. That said, I think a smiling poop emoji perfectly captures the crummy, unfocused, brain fog sensation I see so many people stumbling through lately.Q - What’s your ambition for this book?A - It took me way too long to seek out help. If I can help even one person not have to go through what I did, all the work to write and publish a book will have been worth it.Q - How would you like to see mental health change in our culture?A - You don’t have to look far to find everyday articles on, say, fitness tips. Diet books are consistently among some of the bestsellers. There’s no stigma around admitting that your physical health could be a bit better with a tweak here and there. Let’s elevate mental wellness to the same place in society as physical wellness.Q - Are there more books in the series?A - There will be. I’m relying on readers to give me a sense of what they’ll find helpful or not. But the associated website: writingthroughthefog.com gives a general sense of where things are going to to. Writers have known for a while that putting pen to paper is an effective way to work through personal issues. I’d like to reach out to non-writers and get them on more board with journaling and similar things. If you have ideas, get in touch. I’d love to hear your thoughts.Q - Why should readers give this book a try?A - I put this together to help others, especially anyone feeling overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Don’t be like me and learn these things the hard way. Thanks for reading. Now, get writing!


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