Monday Morning Preacher - Audiobook, by Roger Loomis
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Both pastors and local churches in todays America are facing unprecedented challenges. Church attendance continues to decline, with the average evangelical church now at 80. The reasons are multi-faceted COVID-19, a growing anti-Christian sentiment, and of course, Satan, who is the Churchs most formidable enemy. However many leave local churches due to in-house issues that often go unidentified and overlooked. Monday Morning Preacher discusses forty potential seasons, most of them not talked about in Bible schools or seminaries. Pastors are often left to navigate troubled waters alone and unsure. Churches in general needed a heads-up regarding the many potentially problematic issues that surface, and that precipitate back door exits. Like Monday morning quarterbacks, who review their post-game strategies, pastors needed to revisit their Sunday morning service on Monday to celebrate their wins, and to identify potential in-house issues that needed wise and righteous attention.To identify and righteously confront these issues will mean healthier churches, where perpetuity is assured. Every pastor inexperienced or seasoned can benefit from Monday Morning Preacher and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls that confront pastors at some time during their ministry. The chapters are brief and insightful, all followed by questions that provide additional food for thought. Pertinent observations and solutions that are based on churches of less than two hundred. However, all pastors, other church leaders, and congregants can benefit from these insights that follow forty-three years of pastoral ministry. The evangelical world needs to read Monday Morning Preacher.



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