The American Dream of Braven Young - Audiobook, by Brooke Raybould
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In this wild ride, readers are introduced to Braven Young, a ten-year-old boy who visits iconic Washington, DC landmarks, meets famous historic figures and learns that with great freedom true freedom comes great responsibility.Braven just wants some time to play catch with his dad. But his dad an important politician is always busy working to save Americawhateverthatmeans.Struggling to stay awake at dads desk one night, waiting for him to arrive home, Braven dreams about being completely free in Washington, DC. Hundreds of kids. No adultsanywhere. Finally, he is free to do whatever he wants and the National Mall is his playground.But, soon, things start spiraling out of control.AsThe American Dream of Braven Youngraces to its imaginative and inspiring conclusion, Braven begins looking for the one person he knows he needs to helphis dad. Along the way, Braven learns valuable lessons about freedom from Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Thomas Jefferson - all echoing his mothers wise words: Freedom is far more than doing whatever you want. Freedom is doing what is right.Join Braven on his journey to save America! And discover how we all have our parts to play inThe American Dream of Braven Young.



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