The Galloping Garbage Truck Pamela R. Anderson-Bartholet Author
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In The Galloping Garbage Truck, Pamela Anderson uses a light touch on such weighty topics as diversity and difference, self-affirmation, feminism, healthy lifestyle choices (kale salad!), optimism and resilience, and (not) judging by appearance. Anderson's love of language fills the pages and culminates with a glossary of words (barnacle, caterwaul, perambulate). Kids and parents will enjoy these imaginative rhymes and diminutive stories that are sure to spark good conversations.-Karen Schubert, director of Lit Youngstown ( to go fishing, bake a cake, run for president, love yourself, concoct a word stew, gaze at the moon, practice yoga, change your luck? Then this book's for you. Whether it is embracing mismatched buttons or one's own identity, Pamela Anderson's The Galloping Garbage Truck encourages individuality right alongside kindness and intellectual curiosity. Perfect for families to enjoy together, these delightful poems foster creativity and discussion. Playful pen drawings and a fun glossary add to the imaginative adventure. Open the pages. Begin.-Marjorie Maddox, author of Inside Out: Poems on Writing and Reading Poems with Insider Exercises ( Pamela Anderson's The Galloping Garbage Truck is playful foray into the world of children's poetry that is a delight to read! Her gift of language and imagery are swirled into each of these lovely poems. She has the uncanny knack of tugging on the imagination of children while engaging the minds of adults who may be reading to the child. In A Fabulous Day, she captures both the child and the grown-up who may have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed. In My Balloon, Anderson uses simple yet evocative words, carefully chosen to create an ethereal image. The collection has something for young and old alike, for everyday life and aspirational dreams.-Dr. Nancy Barbour, early childhood educator


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