Achieving a Better World For Every Person: Inspired by the joint legacy of Nathan and Esther K. Wagner Nathan Wagner Author
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Why Did I Write This Book?I am a product of an era where Morse code was the most efficient mode of communication, when you could ride the streetcar in Chicago for seven cents and when commercial airlines were just getting off the ground. It makes my head spin to think about the dramatic changes I have lived through. So many advances in technology, communications, transportation and medicine have immensely altered life for the better and will continue to do so for many years to come. Yet, I am very concerned about the state of affairs in America and its future. I worry that we are losing our competitive edge and I am troubled about a growing social apathy and an inadequate educational system. I fear that we are currently in the process of pawning our future for short-term gains and when the bill comes due, we won't have the means to pay it.What can be done about all, or any, of the concerns which I have referenced? Do Americans have the wherewithal to confront these challenges and come up with solutions? Or, have a sizeable number of Americans become complacent (and dependent upon government) and are assuming that their present way of life will always be the same? I can't give you the answers, but I can offer you the following truisms (with certainty of their validity) that must be pursued for the future in order to maintain the viability of our culture and current way of life:A more realistic education of new and existing generations about the REAL WORLD so that society's members can play a more meaningful role in politics IS KEY.Reasoned affirmative-action by a well-informed electorate IS ESSENTIAL.The utilization of enlightened self-interest (ESI) by a larger percentage of our population and maintaining a positive outlook to achieve a better life for all people IS CRITICAL.I firmly believe that the efforts to safeguard a better world for the future must come from the bottom up (the individual citizen) and not from the top down (the elected leaders).A realistic and truly meaningful education enriches life, provides perspective, encourages creativity, increases opportunity, opens minds and opens doors. Well-educated and well-informed citizens are an essential foundation in order to build a productive society that is able to thrive and compete in a constantly changing world.Winston Churchill once said, Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. He was right! As imperfect as democracy is, it offers the best chance for liberty, equality, opportunity and upward mobility through hard work. But democracy can only be maintained by active participation of society where We the People are always involved and continually striving for a more perfect union. History repeats itself and I implore all of you to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Don't ignore history; study it for enlightenment and life lessons. If you truly want to optimize life for yourself and others, then focus on building upon the knowledge and work of those who came before you in a way that will also benefit those who come after you.


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