The Science of Self Discipline: The Complete Guide on How to Develop Mental Toughness, Build Self Compassion, Improve Productivity, and Beat Procrasti
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The key to success lies in the choices you make from the time you open your eyes until you close your eyes at night. Discipline, self-control, and utilizing your time wisely will go a long way to helping you find success in whatever it is you choose to do.The Science of Self-Discipline is the quintessential guide to setting yourself up for success with essentials and proven methods and techniques used by uber-productive, successful people from all walks of life.Inside, you’ll find: Actionable steps to help you build better habits Tips about the pros and cons of self-discipline Proven success strategies for starting your day on the right foot The science behind why it is you do what you do and how you can train yourself make better choices and stay on track Top tips, definitions, and relatable explanations for why and how to implement positive changes And so much more! For anyone who has ever felt like they’ll never reach their goals or see positive changes in their lives, this book is the ultimate guide to pushing you in the right direction and arming you with no-fail tools that will motivate you to take control of your life and take control of your future, in or outside of the workplace.Buy your copy today to start to make meaningful changes today!


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