Hot / Ruby - by Lorenz Heller (Paperback)
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Book Synopsis HOT Vince Ewell and another man had robbed a bank and now Ewell is doing the time. So when a prison break sends him on the run, everyone expects him to head for Bonnie. Beautiful but not-too-bright Bonnie, his faithful wife, now living in Henry Crane's private suite and singing at his club. And completely surrounded by cops. Vince's brother Steve wants to help his brother get straight, but to do that, he will have to convince Bonnie to betray Vince and get him to hand over the stolen loot and name his accomplice. But Bonnie has other plans-she wants the money for herself. She may not be too smart, but she knows how to get what she wants. RUBY Everyone in town knows that Ruby is trouble. She drinks too much, spends the night with too many men, has quite a reputation. So no one is that surprised when she ends up dead on the beach with an ice pick wound in her heart. But Joe Latham is particularly hard hit. He never has been able to get her out of his system. Then detective Keeler comes sniffing around, implying that Latham had something to do with her death. Latham figures he better do some investigating of his own, and soon discovers that Ruby had been friendly with a lot of men: the casino owner, a local gambler, several older businessmen, and even her banker boss. Now the banker is dead, too, a suicide, and $200,000 is missing... and everyone assumes that Latham is the one who knows where it is.



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