QuickBooks: A Comprehensive Guide to Bookkeeping and Learning Techniques on QuickBooks Software for Beginners John Kent Author
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Eliminate the guesswork from bookkeeping, get rid of the headache of accounting and streamline your finances with this comprehensive guide to organizing your business with the QuickBooks Software SuiteDo you absolutely detest math and hate crunching the numbers or doing the books, but you have to because you don't want problems with IRS and the taxmen? Do you find that you can's stand financial statements and other accounting jargon because they bore you to tears?If you answered yes to the questions above, then read on...In this highly practical guide, John Kent shows you how to use the powerful and amazing QuickBooks software suite to make taking care of your accounting and bookkeeping as easy and effortless as possible and give you more time to focus on bringing in the revenue that will scale your business to new heights.Here's a small preview of some of the insights you're going to learn in this comprehensive intro to QuickBooks:Why you should really ditch the traditional bookkeeping methods and learn how to use QuickBooks effectivelyEverything you need to know about using QuickBooks to streamline your business operation, even if you're a beginnerHow to choose the perfect QuickBooks package that will mesh well with your unique business needsHow to set up payroll and add employee info in QuickBooks OnlineSteps to help you set up your inventory and keep detailed tracks or logsA crash guide to financial statements, the different types of balance sheets and how to create themQuickBooks tips that will enable you to use the software like a professional in as little time as possible...and much more!Whether it's your very first time using any kind of bookkeeping or accounting software, or you're looking for an in-demand skill to polish your resume with, the practical insights and advice contained in this guide will show you everything you need to keep accurate records of your business.Scroll to the top of the page and click the "Buy Now" button to get started today!


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