Using Successful and Proven Strategies of Credit and Finance, Grants, and Taxation Principles to Obtain Multiple Lines of Credit to Build Your Home-Ba
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Raymond Ebbeler, MBA is founder and CEO of HealthWealthStealth Institute For Men & Women, LLC. The book is his perception on how businesses fail to use business credit and how students fail because they do not understand the rules for getting out of student debt by using a forgiveness loan strategy based on the qualifications set by the Department of Education which is free. The book is a real-life journey / testimony where both business credit and the student debt need to be factored in to have a complete and excellent credit profile. Since becoming an LLC as a business entity; I could expand my mobile Health business through procuring business credit lines of credit. By obtaining five suppliers as vendors that allow start ups and existing business to receive business credit as net 15, 30, 60, or 90 invoices; I was able to get a line of credit from Amazon Net 55 because I was already an Amazon Associate. Therefore, I use credit to leverage other business and personal loans. This strategy has worked consistently as I was able to obtain a $12,000 automobile loan; a $36,000 educational loan through the DOE’s Graduate Plus program offered at higher institutions for education; and I am presently working on a stated income loan for $6,000 to purchase a bioenegy device called the Bemer to expand my mobile business.


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