An Alien Helped Me with My Homework Kimberly Arcand Author
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Jax Bishop wonders how he'll ever finish his report on space that he left to the last minute. Now it's school break and the big soccer game is coming up. But when he turns on his laptop, Zaria from the planet Zix appears on his screen. She's made contact with Jax so she can interview an Earthling for her special Zorketh training. They decide to collaborate, and Zaria starts - by turning Jax's room into a black hole! Things get weirder when Ollie, Jax's big shaggy dog, starts to communicate with Zaria. And when Jax's best friend, Jefferson, bursts into Jax's room, things really get complicated. Can Jax keep everything under control - or is his own personal alien at risk of being discovered?Note to Teachers, Parents, Grandparents, and Caregivers: An Alien Helped Me with My Homework! is for readers ages 8-12. It has black and white comic-style sketches at the beginning of each chapter and 35 high resolution images from NASA and other organizations. All of the science information has been fact checked by a senior astrophysicist. Each chapter ends with a simple simulation that the reader can try. Important words/concepts (e.g., the categories of black holes) are italicized in the text and defined in a glossary at the end of the book. Ideas to think about and interesting additional facts are provided in star-shaped inserts in the margins.


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