Relationshift: How to Write the Words You Really Want to Say Kristine Grant Author
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Have you ever stumbled or fumbled to find the right words to repair or enhance any desired connection with another? Whether it be a lover, spouse, partner, someone you have a crush on, or a family member, friend, former spouse or partner, a long lost or estranged relationship, or you just want to attract more love into your life... this book, RELATIONSHIFT® can truly help. The right communication is key to experiencing more love, and a sense of personal peace. Kristine's unique method for Ghost-Writing communications for any type of Relational Challenge is amazingly effective!Through actual stories, compelling letters, and Kristine's guidance, you can become a master inspired communicator and redeem the lost art of the written word for translating the language of your heart. RELATIONSHIFT® guides you in ways that considers various common relationship challenges or themes for: couples, friends, and family matters, (whether intact, blended, or estranged), as well as for creating compelling eulogies, and even shares a "how to" approach for creating successful dating profiles with positive results. This book offers suggestions for learning how to effectively communicate with the right words that enhances or resolves any situation to a much better outcome.


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