The Adventures of ChiChi Ba and Mr. Bunny First Encounter with Shadow Saletha Oliver Author
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On a clear night in October, in a toy factory where stuffed animals were being made, something magical happened. When the factory had closed for the night, the sky displayed the most beautiful and colorful Northern Lights that had ever been seen. Across town, there was a couple giving birth to their second child, a daughter. When the daughter was born into the world, the lights in the sky started to change colors.This story came about with the birth of my daughter. She had been given these stuffed animals by her grandparents. She just seemed to connect with them. Her dad and brother used to make up voices for them to play with her. We have moved several times, and she would always keep them close no matter what. That was ever since she was a little girl. Fast forward to now. She is 14 years old and she still has them. When we play with them I call them my grand kids because they were given to her with love and we have basically 14 years of stories to tell. Some funny things have happened since they came into the family. I hope you enjoy 'The Adventures of ChiChi Ba & Mr. Bunny' series. - Saletha Oliver


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