Andrew Cuomo's Time to Go? He Was Never that Great!: Andrew Cuomo says America was 'never that great.' Get rid of him instead of America! Brian W. Kel
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Learn what Andrew Cuomo, the esteemed (by some) Governor of New York thinks of America by reading this book. It is the best thing you can do to understand why the Governor in our second largest state (tied with Florida by population) is so negative about our great country and its founding. This book not only gives Cuomo's perspective, and the perspective of his millennial followers, it is the best starter book for anybody wanting to refresh their knowledge or learn about America. This book helps us all understand the founding and how its basic principles of government assure our freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty may not be too important for The bold and brash and far left Andrew Cuomo, but for most Americans, there is nothing more important. America's founders were smart, intelligent, and selfless men. The New York contingents from which Cuomo follows have been anti-American from when their representatives at the Constitutional Convention, John Lansing, and Robert Yates, chose not to sign the documents in support of the Constitution even though fellow statesman Alexander Hamilton chose to cast NY's vote as aye. When Pennsylvania's Benjamin Franklin said: We must indeed all hang together or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately, he gave away the essence of the seriousness of the task facing America's founders. For as trite as some seem to portray the founding today, it was a serious undertaking by serious men who had been pushed around enough by King George. There is no reason from anybody to be ashamed of America today or its founding. It is certainly unfortunate that our country is led by corrupt and greedy politicians, such as Andrew Cuomo and perhaps others of his ilk, who have taken control of many levels of governments in America. The good news is that most US citizens and others are hopping on the Train of Freedom to win back America from the forces of evil. Incompetent governors who hate conservatives in our society, such as Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario, are slow to learn but over time, Americans hope they too will get the real message. In the meantime, Americans pray that New Yorkers will never vote another Cuomo into office again. This book is positioned as today's solution for would-be chumps to be better prepared to react to the overreach of praetorian politicians such as Andrew Cuomo and elite establishmentarians, who hope to set the country back three hundred years. With statements like 'America was never great,' it shows they would be happy to replace freedom with a hand-out-based government that controls the people and not vice-versa. Freedom loving people from across the world come here for freedom and opportunity. Those in this country who may say that America is not a great country should take a one-way trip to Russia or Mexico. Good riddance to Mr. Cuomo. Too bad he is trying to be reelected in NY only to stage his sorry self for a run for President. Americans must stop him. This book is a quick way for you to learn about the real America and not the misimpressions of socialist progressive whackos and their millennial sycophants. . This book shows why the many blessings of our founding principles need not be replaced. Rather than get rid of America; a better option is to get rid of Cuomo, the current Governor of New York State. Just because corrupt and powerful officials choose to ignore the rights and freedoms of American citizens does not mean we must endure their tyranny. The first step of course is to understand the founding and the most basic written precepts describing America and our rights as Americans. Reading this book about America's greatness is a must for every US citizen. I bet you will not be able to put this book down.


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