The First Fairy Tale: The Awakening Heart Susan Highsmith Author
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The First Fairy Tale: Book II is the second book in a trilogy that creatively tells the story of our beginnings in a way that delights children and parents alike. Everyone has been born, so we have each taken this journey described in classic fairy tales, fables, allegories, legends, and myths across cultures and generations. Now you can share this magnificent journey with those who are actually taking it, those who enjoy hearing it the most and benefit from having their travels acknowledged. Parents can read The First Fairy Tale Book II: The Awakening Heart to their small children—it is really intended to be read to babies while they are still in the womb. Research shows that newborns remember the stories and songs they heard while in utero! They are calmed and reassured by the sound of your voice and the tone of their own story being told with love.


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