The LOveCATOR Method: How to Choose Your Perfect Partner Lupita Suarez Author
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Loving relationships are not as easy to find or maintain as Hollywood would like you to believe. In fact we live in a world where divorce rates are double what they were in the 70's and most concerning, domestic violence is reaching pandemic levels.But what if there was a process and technique you could use to improve your chances of creating a loving relationship, or sustaining love in your life?The LOveCATOR Method is exactly that. Through The Art of Choosing your desired destination, it will act as a GPS locator for your love life. Regardless if you are single, married, in a relationship, divorced, widowed or not sure what you want, the LOveCATOR method can help you.Through 'The Art of Choosing' you will:· Discover your LOveCATION and how this new method can help you clarify what you want.· Find your relationship True North, so you know what to look for in your relationship.· See how to reset your relationship GPS to find a better place for you and your partner to be.· All the tools and techniques you need to love yourself and those in your life better.


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