Quatermain: The New Adventures Volume 4: The Lightning Bird Wayne Carey Author
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THE LIGHTNING BIRDWhen the president of the First National Bank of Durban dies mysteriously consumed by flames, a beautiful Zulu woman named Izula approaches hunter-guide Allan Quatermain with a fantastic tale. She believes the cause of the man's death, and those of others, is the legendary Impundulu, better known as the Lightning Bird. Quatermain reluctantly agrees to help her and with the aid of his friend, Sean Finnegan, they launch an expedition eastward to the Grootslang Kloof located in the Soutpansberg Mountains. It is here, the mysterious forest of Thathe, surrounding Lake Fundudzi, that Izula hopes to find the malevolent witch doctor she believes is controlling the Impundulu. The trail leads them a hidden city now ruled by a sadistic Portuguese trader. To free the enslaved populace and defeat him, Quatermain and his companions will have to confront an evil as old as time itself. Here is H. Rider Haggard's most famous pulp hero in a brand new, action-packed novel that will have pulp fans cheering.


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