40,000' A.R. Alsiddiqi Author
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Khalid is a successful civil engineer and best-selling author from Doha in search of his new novel. After having little success in the hunt (Writer's Block), he seeks inspiration in New York City. His journey in the friendly skies alters his life forever in more ways than three. Khalid, a bachelor by widowhood for the past thirty years constantly lives with his late wife's memory. The magic of New York City unexpectedly propels him into the lives of three of the most intriguing women - including one who is a dead ringer for his departed wife. The three ignite passions beyond his own creative imagination. Khalid soon realizes his very own heart which he has spent a lifetime protecting, has finally betrayed him by entrapping him in a conundrum. Love. He must decide which lady will become his destiny or, his story.


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