Hard Knocks: A Real World Education in Business and Personal Growth R. Mike Derryberry Author
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It's Friday morning, you're sitting at your desk, your door is closed, and you are wondering what happened to the week, the year? You just lost your best manager, the goals you set at the beginning of the year are completely off the track, and worse, you have no energy, no mental focus to deal with any of it. You just want to quit. Now what? How do you regain control of your business and maybe, more importantly, your sanity? Where do I find the energy to go on? How do I get things back on track? How do I reignite my passion for this business, any business? In this book, the focus will be on YOU, your relationship ecosystem, and some hard truths about business to help you navigate the changing landscape ahead. The author will share his path, warts and all, through the same questions you have, what he learned, how he keeps going, and how you can too.


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