Coached By The Lord In The School Of Addiction: Using The Atonement Of Christ To Overcome Drug And Alcohol Addiction Dustin L Hawkins Author
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Why can't I seem to conquer my weaknesses and addictions? Can the gospel of Jesus Christ help me change my behavior? How can I find health, peace, and happiness when I've been living in a world full of misery for so long?These questions and doubts (and there are plenty more) are the hopeless thoughts that plague the individual who struggles with substance abuse. Coached by the Lord in the School of Addiction offers insight on such vital topics as faith, hope, repentance, health, and how to diligently strive to hold faithful to living the commandments of Jesus Christ.Author Dustin Hawkins speaks directly to the one who is struggling with substance abuse with hopes of helping them to find their way to the Savior.We are all students enrolled in the School of Addiction and the only way to pass this challenging test here in mortality is to be Coached by the Lord.Coached by the Lord in the School of Addiction is for anyone who might be interested in capturing a new perspective on how to help those who struggle with addiction. The world surely needs more coaches and missionaries to help fight the WAR on addiction.


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