Jump Start Life Now: Skills and Principles that Help Manage Living While in Crisis Charles Pretlow Author
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Loaves and Fishes Ministries, in conjunction with MCI Recovery Ministries provides this special edition of Jump Start Life Now workbook. Jump Start Life information and course curriculum was developed through years of experience in helping those in crisis restart life. The author and trained facilitators have gone through their own difficult challenges in recovery, learning to apply these principles.Jump Start Life principles and skill lessons were derived from solid Biblical principles and Christ’s teachings from the Gospels and the New Testament authors. You may not hold Christ as your personal savior, however, you will find that these principles and teachings are practical and when properly applied will help in overcoming difficult circumstances in life. Of course, these principles work more effectively when Christ’s power is called upon to lead, guide, heal, and restore.Refer to the Crisis Recovery Principles quick reference guide on the back cover. As you become familiar with these principles, and as you apply them, you can expect your inner attitudes to shift. Those inner glooming issues and expectations will begin to give way to hopefulness, with an increasing desire to become changed on the inside. Changing on the inside is the only way to break the destructive cycles that subtly lead people into your crisis.You can expect to learn how to replace inner lies, half-truths, and inner bitterness with truth—truth that is real, life changing, and freeing. .


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