The Elon Musk Method: Business Principles from the World's Most Powerful Entrepreneur Randy Kirk Author
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What does Elon Musk know that you don't?Elon Musk built Zip2 from a start-up to $22 million paycheck in three years.Then Musk built X from a start-up to $160 million paycheck in four years.Since then, he has created SpaceX and Tesla giving Musk an estimated net worth of $20 billion.Would you like to achieve even a fraction of his success? Now you can.Serial entrepreneur and best-selling author, Randy Kirk, exposes 16 secret principles that guide Elon Musk in his entrepreneurial decisions, including:How to become a visionary that profits;How to uncover the principles of running a successful business;How Elon Musk uses networking to scale his businesses;How you should be using your passion and persistence; How to maximize the potential of any business regardless of its size;The counterintuitive thinking about quality and cost;Why The Elon Musk Method works to generate successful enterprises of any kind.Follow SpaceX's founding member's Jim Cantrell's advice and read this book now because Randy captures the essence of what drives Elon and this gives us valuable insight into what has become one of the most influential people of our time.Filled with dozens of Elon Musk quotes, you'll have a rare opportunity to gain proven principles and methods that are unlike anything you'll read elsewhere.Grab your copy now to start applying time-tested wisdom to your business today!


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