The Seed of Promise: The Sufferings and Glory of the Messiah: Essays in Honor of T. Desmond Alexander Paul R. Williamson Editor
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Herein are essays by international scholars in honor of T. Desmond Alexander on the year of his 65th birthday. This volume is structured around the biblical theological theme of the seed promise of Genesis 3:15 (the Protoevangelium), with its subtheme focused on the sufferings and glory of the Messiah. Accordingly, biblical scholars (both OT and NT), who have in some capacity benefited from Desi’s scholarship and are known for their work in particular books of the Bible and/or the discipline of biblical theology, investigate these particular themes in light of their respective books. While all except the first chapter was written specifically for this volume, not every contribution coheres or agrees with the overarching biblical-theological emphases reflected in the book’s title. Nevertheless, each contributor has given careful thought to the latter, and has sought to address it in some manner in the essay they have graciously worked on in the midst of very busy schedules. This Festschrift represents the fruit of their labors, for which we, as editors, are deeply appreciative; it is offered with gratitude to the glory of God and in honor of his faithful servant, Dr. Desi Alexander. The voluime concludes with Author and Subject Indices.


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