Re-Coded - by Troy Palmer & Amanda Leduc & Little Fiction Truths (Bath Book)
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Book Synopsis A nonfiction anthology about our digital lives, Re-Coded features the work of sixteen daring writers, each giving us an up close and personal look at how technology and social media have shaped the way they live, love, and work. Their stories touch on everything from the dotcom boom and bust to social media fears and from video games as salvation to long distance relationships held together through networks and screens. To recode means to give something a new set of code. And that's how we see this anthology. It's the giving of new code, new meaning, to our lives in the digital age. About the Author Troy Palmer is the creative direction and managing editor at Little Fiction/Big Truths. He is also a writer, music snob and fan of frequently losing sports teams. He currently lives and rarely sleeps in Toronto.



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