Budapest Escape - by Bill Rapp (Paperback)
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About the Book The Budapest Escape tells the story of a dedicated CIA officer risking his life and career to rescue a valuable agent in Budapest in the middle of the Hungarian revolt and Soviet invasion of 1956. Book Synopsis CIA officer Karl Baier has been running a highly-placed source in the Communist Party and Hungarian government from his post in Vienna for over a year. When he receives a warning that is source is in danger, Baier knows he will have to return to Budapest to find and rescue his agent--if he is even alive. Despite resistance from CIA Headquarters in Washington, Baier and a colleague will have to locate the Hungarian agent, overcome his reluctance and skepticism, dodge Soviet tanks, evade Red Army patrols, escape from KGB prisons, and disobey orders from Washington as they search for a way to freedom. Along the way he will discover support and betrayal where he least expected it.



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