HIGH CRIMES: : The Impeachment of Donald Trump Former Congressman Alan Grayson Author
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Ten million people have signed a petition demanding the impeachment of Donald Trump. Googling the term ‘impeach Trump’ yields 95 million hits. A new Member of Congress, on the day that she was sworn into office, said: “Impeach the m*th*rf*ck*r!”“HIGH CRIMES” explains why. Here is a uniquely engaging ‘take’ on a political movement constantly in the news: SPECIFICS – Here, at last, is a comprehensive compendium of Donald Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors: not only the collusion and obstruction of justice addressed in the Mueller Report, but also Trump’s impeachable divided loyalties, corruption, conflicts of interest, emoluments violations, pervasive obstruction of justice, habitual abuse of power, campaign misconduct, sexual misconduct, tax evasion, and incessant conduct unbecoming a President. In fact, it’s hard to identify an impeachable offense that Donald Trump hasn’t committed. HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE – Read about not only the ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ of Donald Trump, but also those of 35 other officials who have faced impeachment (including Presidents Nixon, Clinton and Andrew Johnson). Here is much-needed historical context on the subject of impeaching Donald Trump: Trump is measured against the worst scoundrels of American political history, and he comes out worse than them. In fact, Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors make them look like amateurs by comparison. COMPREHENSIVE RESEARCH – No, you don’t have to read them, but there are almost 500 endnotes here. (In the end, of course.) Trump’s own high crimes and misdemeanors are cited directly to news reports, the Mueller Report, etc. The impeachment stories of other corrupt officials go all the way back to primary sources, like the Congressional Record, House Reports, Cannon and Hinds House Precedents, etc. – often, in their own words, and the words of the Congressmen and Senators who passed judgment on them. SOPHISTICATED ANALYSIS – Author Alan Grayson served in Congress, and he voted on two impeachments. That helps to bring the impeachment process to life.


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