A Place To Belong The Trials of an Appalachian Family Book 2 Brenda Crissman Musick Author
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Luke is coming home. For eight years he has been running from the pain of losing the woman he loves. She can never be his, and yet he cannot stop loving her. He longs for healing, and so he's coming home...searching. Jessie has spent his entire life filled with hatred for his father, yet he fears he may be like him. Because of that fear, he has vowed never to marry. Will the lovely, blue-eyed Mandy penetrate that wall around his heart? Then, there's the secret that torments him about the day down at the river...Alice has lost so much in her young life...the man she loved and still loves, her siblings, her baby daughter. Now it seems she may lose even more. Three people searching...for healing, for happiness and a place to belong.


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