How To Defend Yourself Without Even Trying Terry Chitwood Author
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How to Defend Yourself Without Even Trying is a book about applying the mental/spiritual principles of Aikido to daily life. It incorporates Dr. Terry Chitwood's personal experiences of using Aikido principles in real-life situations. It is philosophically and spiritually oriented and was highly acclaimed in its print edition. Excerpt from Prologue: One night when I was asleep but not asleep, I found myself on another level of consciousness studying aikido with Master Uyeshiba, the founder of aikido. At the end of the lesson he told me that I must teach. I cried tears of gratitude and devotion as I accepted an initiation that was to provide a sense of power and direction to my life.Excerpt from My Early Years Chapter: Once a local gang tried to terrorize me by threatening me with knives. I intuitively knew that I would not be hurt, so I was unafraid. Their fun was over before it started. Such people feed on fear.Excerpt from My Later Years Chapter: One man [in my prison rehabilitation program] in particular stands out. He was a seven-time offender, an ex-Green Beret karate instructor, and a biker (with a bad temper).... When he was released from prison he went into a bar in Tucson where a man tried to pick a fight with him. Instead of annihilating the man, he made a friend of him. Another victory for the power of love and harmony.


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