Assassins of Alamut: A Novel of Persia and Palestine in the Time of the Crusades James Boschert Author
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An Epic Novel of Persia and Palestine in the Time of the Crusades The Assassins of Alamut is a riveting tale, painted on the vast canvas of life in Palestine and Persia during the 12th century. On one hand, it's a tale of the crusades--as told from the Islamic side--where Shi'a and Sunni are as intent on killing Ismaili Muslims as they are crusaders. In self-defense, the Ismaili's develop an elite band of highly trained killers called Hashshashin (Assassins) whose missions are launched from their mountain fortress of Alamut. But, it's also the story of a French boy, who is captured and forced into the alien world of the assassins. Forbidden love for a princess is intertwined with sinister plots and self-sacrifice, as the hero, and his two companions discover treachery and then attempt to evade the ruthless assassins of Alamut who are sent to hunt them down. It's a sweeping saga that takes you across 12th century Persia and Palestine, over vast snow covered mountains, through the frozen wastes of the winter plateau, and into the fabulous cites of Hamadan, Isfahan, and the Kingdom of Jerusalem. A brilliant first novel, worthy of Bernard Cornwell at his best.


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