Suffering and the Saints John David Clark Author
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You are hurting. You have suffered a crushing loss. You have been disappointed, misunderstood, betrayed. What are you to do? What are you to think? ---- I learned much about what to do during times of suffering from the old saints who led me to Christ. In turbulent times, I marveled at their steady spirits, their sincerity, kindness, and faith in the far of cruelty and skepticism. One example is worth a mountain of words. Of even more value than seeing good being done, however, is understanding why it is right to do good, for it is understanding that gives us the strength to persevere in well doing. This is the beauty of the stories of faith that you will read in this book. Not only are men and women seen doing good in desperate situations, but the reason they did good is explained. So, by knowing what they knew, we can do what they did, and be what they were. Travel these pages with me and stand in awe of the goodness, power, and wisdomof God by which the saints of old met and over the suffering that God had give them to endure.


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