Community Workers & COVID-19: (A Children's Book About Coronavirus) LoLo Smith Author
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This is an engaging book to teach children about the coronavirus and explain what community workers do. In "Community Workers & COVID-19," kids are introduced to a special town called Share-A-Lot where a doctor, nurse, teacher, construction worker, grocer, chef, emergency medical technician (EMT), police officer, and a mayor all work together to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.Throughout this engaging story, children will learn about the important role each community worker plays in the town while learning the virtue of sharing.From the teacher who reminds students to wash their hands, to the research doctor working on a vaccine for COVID-19, to the grocer and chef providing nutritious fresh food and vegetables to keep the body healthy, each worker plays an essential role in the town and they are all happy to do their jobs to help the community get through a difficult time.But what happens when the mayor decides to offer a special prize to the most essential worker in town? How will they ever decide who plays the most essential role? You'll have to read to find out!By the end of the book, children will have a greater understanding of how each community worker helps combat the coronavirus pandemic and a newfound appreciation for the community workers keeping them safe in their own community.


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