Love Fights by Andi Watson
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It's hard enough for your average person to get a date with all the anxieties we have in our modern world. For Jack, it's even worse. Where he lives, superheroes are a common sight, flying through the air and showing off their outrageous muscles in their skintight outfits. In comparison, a regular guy must seem boring and puny. So when he meets Nora in the midst of two steroid-cases beating the tar out of each other, he can't help but be a little giddy that she has agreed to go out with him. Too bad it's not that simple. Nora works for Expose, the leading magazine for superpowered trends. Chasing a scoop is a little more important to her than getting scooped off her feet, leaving Jack in the dust once again. To make matters worse, his cat, Guthrie, has gone missing, and though the feline will be returned to him - he's not going to be the same cat Jack remembers.


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