Lynton and the Cape Town Ghost Wayne Frye Author
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Never be scared, Alice. Fear is what can keep people from standing against tyranny, whether it is the tyranny of the unexplained or the far too often explained. The world is full of self-serving, arrogant, narcissistic jerks that want to break the wings of those who stand against evil. I have battled the natural inclinations of evil practiced by the living, who are far more frightening than the non-living. I do not wallow in misery, nor do I fret. I am a woman who can keep flying, because I have a broomstick and an iron will like a witch on a midnight prowl. You don't mess with Lynton Viñas, and she is about to become your champion. Let's do some ghost busting. The time will come when the poor will rise up with a new spirit of righteous indignation in the land. The days of grab and greed will be tossed, along with the money-grubbing rich, into the dust-bin of history, where they will rot in eternity among the festering bile of evil that has been allowed to reward those at the top with the spoils of their hereditarily ill-gotten gains that have for generation after generation allowed them to benefit off the hard labour of the workers they so willingly exploit. This will usher in a time when no one will want to fill their bellies while others ache for nourishment, a time when no one will want to sleep in a warm bed when others shiver in the cold, a time when injustice against one is considered an injustice against all.


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